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Your Mojo Rebound

How do you rebound your Mojo? In the game of basketball, the rebound is a key component of the game and a fundamental skill that every player must have in their repertoire. We have seen basketball players define their career and personal brand around developing this skill. A player or team’s ability to rebound effectively and efficiently will determine the outcome of the game and championships. When it comes to your Mojo, it has the same impact on your personal and business success. Your Mojo is the positive, optimistic, and hopeful view of the world because you have found your purpose and everyone notices it. You are full of energy and have your drive for your work and life. The people around you feel it and are attracted to you because you are operating in your sweet spot. Your Mojo will determine your end-game success as much as any other aspect of your life or business.

Developing a Mojo Mindset

The key to becoming a good rebounder starts with mindset. Just like learning the basic fundamentals of basketball, the rebounding skills of boxing out and the techniques of rebounding have to be taught. However, teaching the skills and techniques does not mean a player will get it. A good rebounder must have an aggressive mindset, and it needs to be taught. When it comes to your mindset, you are going to need an aggressive approach to your own way of thinking about yourself and the things you are doing. You must demand it from yourself! You are going to have to take ownership of your mindset and develop your own personal standards. A player or team that has an aggressive mindset to rebounding is going to be mentally tough and take pride in winning those rebounds, and dominating in the key. You are going to procure the same mental toughness and pride in winning the battle in your mind. Just like the rebounder attacks the ball, you need to attack your mindset.

Defensive and Offensive Mojo Skills

In rebounding, we have a defensive and offensive side of the skill set. Those skills include boxing-out, attacking the ball, and the outlet pass. When you relate these skills to your Mojo, you need to box-out your competition. For you to do that, you are going to have to get physical and determine what sets you apart from your competition. As you attack the ball for the rebound, grab it strong and rip it down with your elbows out, you have the prefect rebound form. Your mojo skill for grabbing it strong and ripping it down is your energy level. To get your energy level where it needs to be, you need to get the right amount of rest and you need to be actively doing something you enjoy. The right combination of rest and activity for you will increase your energy level. If you want to dominate your opponent, you need to be willing to do what they are not….so you can do what they can’t. The final skill for rebounding is the outlet pass, this is key to getting the offense going and starting the fast break. This puts the game in transition, and you and your team back in control. The momentum has shifted into your favor! This is where you have your mojo back. You have that spark back and people feel it. You have changed the way you think about yourself and your situation and now you are changing the way you do things. You know your game plan. It is time to run and gun your fast break and you are going to run and gun your opponent in the ground. You are going to do this through experimentation with your ideas and test them with your ideal client. You have your set plays you will run that are designed to work through problems as they arise. Some of these plays are fast-fix solutions just to keep the mojo going and some are designed to solve continuous problems that keep coming up. Whatever happens, you are determined to keep the mojo going! You know you have to stay in control and keep moving forward. You control your processes and keep your standards. Win the next rebound and run and gun every chance you get.

In closing, is it time for you to Rebound Your Mojo? If it is, and you want to join a team of like-minded people with a coach that will help you get that Mojo back and help you run and gun, then the “Spring Load Your Mojo” group coaching program is for you. In this program you will:

  • Create a simple strategic vision for your future with the information you need to take purposeful and confident action to market your business and attract at least three new clients in the next 90 days.

  • Implement fast-fix problem solving tools that will help you overcome the top 3 problems standing in your way that you can continuously use to keep your mojo going.

  • Identify your top gifts and abilities that set you apart from others and design a plan to double or triple your results in the next 90 days.

  • Develop your personal score card for massive action to create measurable winning results for your top 3 goals by year end.

If this is you, then click this link to schedule your free discovery call.

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