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Reflections On a Half of a Century

As I look back over a half of a century, I have a few things I would like to share with you. I can say today that I definitely do not feel my age. I feel I have so much more life to live. I have had some amazing experiences over the years. I am enthused because I have learned so many things along the way.

First, it is never too late! I look at where I am in life and think about my dreams and personal goals. I think at times we hesitate and think it is too late to start. I say it is never too late! Your dreams and passions are a gift to you and others. It is your growth moments that will inspire you to explore, create and manifest the things deep inside that motivate you to succeed. These aspirations are waiting to be released to the world. They will help you discover new things about yourself and be an encouragement to others. You never know who or how you can encourage someone else. What is that thing within that makes you feel bound?

Second, start now.. Whatever your goal or dream is, get started today! Please do not wait. There will never be a right moment. This vision was put in you for a purpose. You are denying yourself and others by not following through with your vision. Yes, it will be scary and hard; you will face some setbacks. You will make some mistakes and get some things wrong. You will do a lot of things right and see breakthroughs. You will experience some amazing growth moments that will affect yourself and others as you move forward. What can you do today to get started?

Third, don’t swing for the fence every time. I am a former baseball player, there is nothing like hitting that home run to win the game; but this doesn't happen every time at the plate. To consistently win and to win the big games, you have to hit a lot of singles and doubles to put runs on the board. Think about those singles and doubles along the way and focus on being consistent with them. If you are consistently reaching those smaller short-term goals and creating small wins, you will reach those big goals. The swing for the fence moments will come! What are two or three singles and doubles you can accomplish as you advance toward your goal?

Fourth, get a coach! One of the best investments you can make in yourself and create more momentum is to hire a coach. Yes, you need that expenditure on a coach which is an investment in you. The money you invest today will come back to you many times over. On average, you will see a five to six times return on investment from coaching. You will create more momentum for yourself because you have made this investment in yourself and have created future potential. My challenge to you is to invest in yourself with a minimum of three months coaching and reap the benefits. Who are you going to hire as your coach?

Fifth and final, find your community. You need your group of likeminded people who you trust and who believe in you. Your community is where you go for encouragement, share ideas, breakthroughs and setbacks. These people breathe life into you and are your support network. They can be local or worldwide. You just need to be able to meet with them on a consistent basis. They are a safe place for you to vent. Who is that group for you and how often are you going to meet?

I hope you have been encouraged by this and find new avenues of expression and practice today!

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