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Helping Passionate, Driven Corporate  Leaders 
Leave A Legacy No Matter Where They Are At In Their Career

Globally Minded Momentum




Are you wondering if you are in the right place?

  • Are you bored of just competing?

  • Have you had enough of just getting by?

  • Are your ready for a breakthrough?

  • Have you seen success but feel like you are losing your edge?

  • Are you the leader that has been pushing the envelope but need to innovate?


If you can answer yes to 4 out of 5 of these question, then you are ready to dominate more!


My Story

Learning to Dominate

You see I have been at a point in my own life where I could answer yes to all of these questions and needed someone to point me in the right direction.  I have had to reinvent myself and my career.  I have experienced the loss of a career I loved and enjoyed.  In that process, I learned how to reinvent myself.  I had to go through some dark times and lonely moments to rediscover who I was.  I have taken my gifts and abilities and reapplied them to a new industry.  I have learned how to find my edge that sets me apart. I had to do the hard work but it was not all by myself.  I had my own coaches and mentors along the way.

About Me

Leadership Performance Coach

I am uniquely qualified as an international leadership and performance coach. I have been coaching in my various leadership roles for over 15 years and am certified as a Master Coach.  I have worked with hundreds of international leaders, business professionals and entrepreneurs. 


I have helped my “Coaching Allies” on finding their “performance zone” in business and in life.  Coaching isn’t a job for me... it’s my passion.  I love working with people who are yearning to achieve clarity and to orchestrate a real plan to achieve their professional and personal goals.



Matt Bishop
Senior HR Training Specialist

"One of the biggest breakthroughs Myles helped me with was both in my professional  and personal life. He helped me become a better person and decision maker in my professional life, not scared to take risk, and once that confidence built up, it was the same in my personal life. I have now finished different certifications to better myself, as well as gaining the confidence to help me take the steps for me to be a better father that has now gained full custody of my daughter."

Business Woman with Laptop

April Bartley
Assistant Manager Public Relations

"One of my favorite things about working with Myles is that he asks me questions that encourage me to find answers or consider solutions that, in many cases, are already inside my head. He does not try to force me down a path, rather he gives me space to work through various options and come to my own conclusions.  After a session with him, I walk away with a simple action plan. Implementation of these action plans has been invaluable to my leadership, as well as, helping me achieve my personal development goals."

Shaylon Miller
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

"I was at a point in my career where I wanted to grow and do more than my current role but not sure where to turn.

I reached out to Myles and he helped me understand more clearly where I wanted to go. Together we set up building blocks to achieve my goals

both personally and professionally. He coaches in a way that adapts to your specific strengths which allows you

to see the overall picture clearly."








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